This blog

A general rule of thumb I use when deciding things is whether it excites me. This blog just doesn’t excite me anymore. I think I might not use it anymore. I may visit once in a while to check up on things, but I don’t think I’ll regularly monitor this blog anymore.

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I’m a writer

I enjoyed writing a lot this weekend. For once in a long time, it didn’t feel like force. I wasn’t trying to push myself to write, it just felt fun and interesting. I like to write. It takes a long time for that to sink in since I didn’t like writing much when I was young. I guess things change.

I also want to eventually explore other forms of creativity but that can wait till a later date.

I don’t know 100% what I am going to have as a finished product, but right now I am just enjoying the process and being in the moment. I feel that focused goals can have the problem of not allowing me to explore.

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Hourly Check

On a hunch, I’ve decided to do an hourly check of my progress.  That means that at each hour, say 8 pm, I’ll stop and ask myself:

  • What am I doing?
  • Am I being productive with an important task that actually is aligned with what I want?

Each check should take no more than 1 minute.

This approach may seem quite extreme or anal, but that is what I feel I have to do.  Otherwise I find that if I go down the rabbit hole, I can procrastinate a lot, hours go by where I’ve just been:

  • reading random articles/blogs on the internet
  • watching videos
  • working on unimportant things that take up a lot of time without consciously being aware

All of these things are dangerous, especially when time is of the essence.

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I will assume I don’t have something unless I’m able to produce results

I’ve decided that I will not believe my own hype or optimism.  I will simply matter of factly look to see what my actual results are.

It’s about letting go of my conscious mind–my stubborn narrow focus or my distorted optimism.  Forget all the self-help stuff.  Forget all the advice.  Just figure it out and do it.  Look at it more as a game where I try different things, like applying simple strategy to fix something.